Mother Daughter: Posing As Ourselves received a prestigious i-Tonie Award sponsored by Mohawk Fine Papers. The Honorable Mention award is voted on by industry experts. Judges look for projects that exhibit “intelligence, virtuosity, maximization of HP Indigo capabilities, and excellence in production.”

"Every day I take another look at your lovely Posing As Oursevles and your clear and open hearted eyes—all four of them—put life into perspective and ask the deeper questions, where has all the time gone, how did we get to HERE?"

Emmet Gowin, Professor of Photography
Princeton University

"Who has not examined her own face in the mirror, searching for signs of aging? Who has not scrutinized her mother or her daughter, searching for bits of herself like a treasure hunt? Elaine O’Neil and Julia Hess’s fascinating project will connect with these impulses in every woman. Judging from reactions to my book You’re Wearing THAT? I have no doubt that women will leap at the chance to see themselves reflected in these startling and artful images."

Deborah Tannen, University Professor and Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University; Author of You’re Wearing THAT?: Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation

"This insightful visual diary allows us to consider the visible and psychological aspects of growth. Physical change becomes visible over time and can be documented with photography. This body of work goes a step further by inviting us to consider aspects of individual personality and the social expectations of familial roles. Posing as Ourselves is an impressive and touching tribute to the bond of mother and daughter."

Jennifer Pearson Yamashiro, PhD
Art Historian
Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Miami University, Hamilton, Ohio


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